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The Fellowship Global is positioned to be a catalyst for a pan-African faith movement, connecting the radically inclusive Christian movement led by African Americans and our allies to communities in Africa and throughout the diaspora. We provide pastoral care for LGBTI people and support pioneering efforts to establish an open an affirming African Christian movement. Additionally, The Fellowship Global supports the missions, ministries, and faith alliances of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries outside of the United States. 

The Fellowship Global has established partnerships and social justice groups in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Asia. It is at the cutting edge of the fight for social justice where you will find The Fellowship Global working collaboratively with networks “on the ground.” 
As heirs of the civil rights movement, African spirituality, Christian traditions, and prophetic witness we have a vision for a radically inclusive revival to usher in a new era of social justice.

In providing services and resources, The Fellowship Global has institutional partners in government bodies, human rights groups, political advocates, economic development efforts and the academy. 

Bishop Yvette A. Flunder


Bishop Joseph W. Tolton

Executive Director

Ann Craig, M. Div

Director of Administration & Development

Bishop Yvette Flunder is a preeminent leader in the LGBT movement in America. Over the last twenty-five years Bishop Flunder has been instrumental in shaping faith messaging to advance LGBT dignity and acceptance in spiritual settings and has made great impact on HIV/AIDS policies regarding people of color in the US and Zimbabwe. 

Pastor Joseph Tolton studied religion at Vassar College and received his MBA from Columbia University. Tolton designed TFG primarily as an on the ground resource providing Pastoral care and strategic planning consulting for LGBTI and progressive communities of faith in hostile climates on the Continent and throughout the diaspora. 

Ann Craig is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and was the first director of religion at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) after serving for 22 years in the national offices of the United Methodist Church. She joined the Fellowship Global in 2011 as the Director of Administration & Development and is a communications consultant for progressive faith groups. 

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